Mission Statement


Girls School Uniform

We dressed the girls in 2 Sets. The one set consists of grey long pants, blue shirt and a blue blazer. The other set a tunic and a jersey. We also do the embroidery on all the garments.


School Blazer

School Blazer, part of schoBAG-609_SIDEol uniform.


Who Are We?

Sasekani Clothing and Promotions PTY LTD, herein referred to as Sasekani is a second generation company that has over the years evolved from a one person operation to owning a manufacturing plant employing over fifty people. The company was established in 1978 by the Late Sarah Tozi Khuvutlu. It has now been converted into a private company. Sasekani specialises in all purpose clothing with a wide variety of customers; schools, government departments, parastatal bodies, farms, game lodges, private businesses and individuals.

Sasekani’s vision is to be a service provider of choice in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces and offer a one stop shop to the following clothing needs; safety, corporate, hospital, traffic, hospitality, emergency and school wear. Sasekani also work on an agency basis with many reputable companies in order to supply to the customer’s specifications.

Due to our vigilance in identifying new product ranges, Sasekani has initiated a printing line to develop a capacity to assist in the branding of customer’s clothing and other materials. The company has invested in a number of equipments in order to perform the following printing abilities in-house; embroidery, silk screening, badge making, heat press and vinyl printing.

Sasekani has a manufacturing plant which is fully equipped.

Our relation with and knowledge of many promotional and gift companies in the country makes it possible that we can provide promotional and gift items with ease, promptness and at competitive prices. Any promotional and/or gift item available in South Africa we are able to provide


Linen made by the aged of Elim-Hlanganani

In memory of the Late Sarah Tozi Khuvutlu, Sasekani sponsors an annual event known as “The Tozi Award” to the Elim-Hlanganani Society for the Care of the Aged. The sponsorship varies and is always in the form of something useful to the elderly. Pieces of fabric from the factory are used by groups of old folks in a competition to make bedspreads, linen and other clothing items. The winning group would win a trophy and qualify for Christmas hampers and niceties. The company provides yearly protective clothing to the support staff and golf shirts to the board members.

From time to time the company provide school uniform to the destitute. A day in the society’s calendar is dedicated to celebrate this day.

In-house branding